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I Wear a White Coat BUNDLE

I Wear a White Coat BUNDLE


Custom White Coat Lapel Pin AND I Wear a White Coat !

  • Synopsis

    From tarred and feathered to hooded and lettered... The challenges that pre-exist in the African American professional health community extend far beyond the confines of this text. The very essence of the journey, in many cases, is tainted at inception. More often than not and particularly with people of color, the journey is met with inferred demise at the mere stage of oral admission in desire to pursue doctoral status. Despite the fact that African American lineage has given rise to undeniable talent, intelligence, and genius as that of Dr. Charles Drew, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler and an exhaustive list of many, many others, the doors of opportunity and access have yet to swing as far and wide for blacks to enter medical and research-driven health professions. The proverbial badge of honor in "the white coat" seems to exist as only a mirage of truth until it is achieved. This symbol of excellence and stature, garnered only by those who persevere beyond expectation, is seen as the creme' de la creme' in the African American community. It is the quintessential incarnation of our ancestors' wildest dreams, and the stamp of approval sought by generations before us. Among black folk, the white coat is the banner of hope and indignation waved valiantly in silence every day by those shoulders upon which it falls. Simply put - it is the epitome of grandma's dream for familial status and respect personified. This compilation: Serves as a solid attempt to unveil the truth in the aspiring black doctor's journey. Aims to dispel the insidious belief, imparted by majority social order, that all are created and treated equal in career pursuit. Boldly expose the hindrances that serve as barriers to success for African Americans who choose to embark on a career as a medical or health research professional in America. Provoke thought and planning, increase awareness and sound decision making for the road ahead, and empower the action of your sound efforts as you begin to embody your dreams.

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